CMLeaders: 2 Characteristics of an effective leader

Listening to all the different aspects of leadership over the two days of CMLeaders was great.  Reading through some notes, I did find some pieces that fit well together: pieces from multiple speakers.  One of the bigger pictures that I found could be called ‘Characteristics of a Good Leader’.

#1 A good leader pays attention to patterns

This works on tow different levels.  First, you need to be aware of the fact people are looking at you, and often imitating you.  I have a lot of experience working with kids, and this is so true.  The behavior pattern you model is the behavior pattern you will encourage.  If you are a high-strung, disorganized, paranoid person, the kids around you will tend to pick up on that and imitate your behavior.  On the other hand, if you model organization, thoughtfulness, kindness and any number of positive qualities, you will automatically enforce those qualities in the kids around you.

This is not only important when you are leading kids, but it holds true when leading adults as well.  If you complain, are disorganized, unhappy, that will trickle down through those under you, and it will be increasingly more difficult to keep them motivated.  If you remain positive, encouraging, uplifting, guess what.  That will permeate your team as well and it will become easier to lead your team. Continue reading


Top Leadership quotes from CMLeaders

So I’ve had a little time to start processing everything from the CMLeaders conference.  If you weren’t there, I would highly recommend you attend next year.  I searched through my twitter account to find some of the quotes I posted during the conference.  I understand that sometimes a quote out of context may not mean much to you, but this list is just as much for my sake as it is yours.  At least this way I have all of my ‘top quotes’ in a single place.

Your devotional time determines your emotional time @craigjohnson5

Kids don’t need to love me, they need to know someone loves them @samluce

Help those u lead succeed and shine brighter than u do. @samluce

We need to get back to “Jesus is everything” @samluce

The value of a volunteer in the United States is $27.79 per hour. – Sheila Robinson Continue reading

If Christians were birds…..

If Christians were birds—-

Yesterday this was our pastor’s message at church.  There are some very good points, and lots of similarities between our characteristics and those of various birds.  The notes may not be complete, but they are complete enough for you to get the point.  We all share some of these characteristics with birds.  Which are you?
What kind of ‘christian’  bird would you be?

  • Never reach full potential
  • They live and wait to die
  • The do a lot of flapping, but never go anywhere
  • Live within confinement someone else built…a box or pen
  • When there is a storm they run together inside

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Thoughts from CMLeaders conference

I just got back from the very first CMLeaders conference, put on by INCM (International Network of Children’s Ministry).  It was a GREAT experience.  As expected, the quality of speakers was top-notch.  I walk away challenged to not only be a better leader, but a better follower as well.  I have just started to review and begin to process my 25 pages of notes.

The structure of the conference was great.  There were no breakout sessions, only large group ‘TEDTalk’ style sessions.  This was nice because I did not have to worry about choosing the wrong session or wondering what I would miss out on in the break out group I didn’t go to. Continue reading

Live from cmleaders conference

I’ve been waiting for this conference for months. As you know, children’s ministry is very important in my life, to the point that at times in my life it has been my full time job.

A guy like me loves a conference like this. The speakers range from a normal children’s pastor to children’s pastors from some of the largest churches in America. There are also some international ministry leaders. The whole point? To help us evaluate and equip us to to be better leaders. It is not about me, it is about my team.

Over the course of two days we are hearing about how we can
Develop as a leader
How to lead as a leader
How to disciple as a leader

I’ll follow up with some more details in following days. There is so much to process. So much great stuff.

My favorite part? The people. I have had a chance to sit and talk with some awesome kids ministry leaders from all over the country. Everyone is so likeminded and willing to talk and share and help. I have learned as much or more from these conversations at dinner or over coffee as I have asked questions and listened.

If you heard any of the speakers, what was your favorite part? If you didn’t what are some questions you have about leadership? (style, how, why, etc)

The day I met Reginald

Mark 9:41  I tell you the truth, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to Christ will certainly not lose his reward.

We were on our way to an evening meeting and had a few McDonald’s coupons that were about to expire, so we decided to take advantage of the free burgers on our way.  We turned the corner, one driveway away from our destination, when we first saw Reginald.

He was on the side of the road with a large white trash bag in one hand and a small Styrofoam cup in the other.  The white bag likely held most of, if not all of his belongings, and the cup was full of pixie sticks and had a handwritten sign that said ‘candy 10¢’. Continue reading