Top Leadership quotes from CMLeaders

So I’ve had a little time to start processing everything from the CMLeaders conference.  If you weren’t there, I would highly recommend you attend next year.  I searched through my twitter account to find some of the quotes I posted during the conference.  I understand that sometimes a quote out of context may not mean much to you, but this list is just as much for my sake as it is yours.  At least this way I have all of my ‘top quotes’ in a single place.

Your devotional time determines your emotional time @craigjohnson5

Kids don’t need to love me, they need to know someone loves them @samluce

Help those u lead succeed and shine brighter than u do. @samluce

We need to get back to “Jesus is everything” @samluce

The value of a volunteer in the United States is $27.79 per hour. – Sheila Robinson

how important is earnest prayer when you structure your leadership? @iamlarryfowler

Spiritual power is not found in programs, policies, procedures, methods, technology, etc. It is found in the Gospel. @iamlarryfowler

You will fail trying new things, or you will fail to try! @Brian_D_Dollar

Don’t b fooled. U deserve no glory because of the gifts/talents God has given u. @mikefjohnson

We often ask for grace from those in authority over us, but do we have grace for them?  @mikefjohnson

You cannot lead effectively without contentment under the umbrella of authority @mikefjohnson

When experiencing a difficult situation will u become bitter or better?

Lead like Jesus: he taught thousands, trained 70, challenged 12 and did life with 3. @stevenjadams

The goal is not more important than the person you lead, because that person will help u accomplish the goal. @craigjohnson5

@samluce: The benefit of trusting far outweighs the pain of being taken advantage of. @stevenjadams

Ignorance doesnt hurt us, but the deception that we know what we are doing will hurt @stevenjadams

All I want to know is at the end I made a difference. @stevenjadams

Love erases the lines we draw in relationships-with God and others @mafeinberg

When love walks in, fear exits out the backdoor and anger runs.  @mafeinberg

You can hear God speak– what do u keep hearing and seeing over and over? It is often Gods voice speaking.

Strengthen and encourage those you serve as a #kidmin u should Be an armor bearer for your #pastor

RT @mafeinberg: A good idea=I wish I would have thought of that! A God idea=I never would have thought of that! @craigjohnson5

As a leader, do u seek good ideas or God ideas?

I dont worry about how others treat me, I only worry about how I treat others @JoelOsteen @CraigJohnson5

People not willing to come under authority probably shouldn’t be in authority.

“There is wisdom in Studying successful patterns” @michaelchanley

Jared Massey also compiled a list of quotes from the conference.  Check it out here

So, what was your favorite quote? Were you there and can share one of your top thoughts?


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