Live from cmleaders conference

I’ve been waiting for this conference for months. As you know, children’s ministry is very important in my life, to the point that at times in my life it has been my full time job.

A guy like me loves a conference like this. The speakers range from a normal children’s pastor to children’s pastors from some of the largest churches in America. There are also some international ministry leaders. The whole point? To help us evaluate and equip us to to be better leaders. It is not about me, it is about my team.

Over the course of two days we are hearing about how we can
Develop as a leader
How to lead as a leader
How to disciple as a leader

I’ll follow up with some more details in following days. There is so much to process. So much great stuff.

My favorite part? The people. I have had a chance to sit and talk with some awesome kids ministry leaders from all over the country. Everyone is so likeminded and willing to talk and share and help. I have learned as much or more from these conversations at dinner or over coffee as I have asked questions and listened.

If you heard any of the speakers, what was your favorite part? If you didn’t what are some questions you have about leadership? (style, how, why, etc)


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