Prayer Experiment

So I am reading ‘The CircleImage Maker’ by Mark Batterson.  It is a GREAT book if you haven’t read it.  It is making me think about the way that I pray.  I realize that I am often very generic with the prayers I pray.  One thing I have learned this week is that the more non-specific my prayer is, the harder it is to know if that prayer gets answered. Another mind blowing truth:  100% of the prayers I don’t pray don’t get answered!  I have also learned that God may choose to answer my prayers differently than I had hoped or thought he should, and his timing is perfect, and mine is not.

Last night I read a passage that talked about “Prayer Experiments”.  The idea is to get a group of 10 people that share a single prayer request with each other.  The group then prays for that single request for each person for a set period of time (1 month,  2 months, etc).  At the end of the decided time, the group in the book was able to share great breakthroughs and answers to their prayers. 

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