2 questions away from a ministry or classroom improvement

The dictionary says a consultation is a time of seeking advice, guidance or information. To consult means to consider or deliberate or to take counsel. We often consult with a doctor before special treatment. We consult with a lawyer before signing legal documents. A time of consulting is a time of informing yourself of the state of your current condition, or before a major decision.

So, what is the state of your current ministry or classroom? Are you getting ready to make a major decision? Who have you consulted with concerning either of these two situations?  It is wise to gather information, ask opinions, and seek counsel and advice no matter what stage you are at or how good you think things are going.

Often those that we ‘consult’ with are close to the situation. Those close to you
have similar views and opinions as you. It is nice to have the advice or opinion of
those outside of your circle to help you asses your situation. A fresh set of eyes
can help you see things you may take for granted, or things you may not even see at

A problem with a consultation is that many times there is a cost involved. I have
been in a small church before, and there was barely money to buy goldfish for the
preschool, let alone pay someone to consult with about the ministry in general.  Occasionally when I was teaching someone would come in to instruct for a time of ‘professional development’ but most individual assessments were given by the principal.  I remember a time I found another school to visit during the week.  It was not an assessment of what I was doing, and it was not someone I brought to me, but it was a ‘consultation’ in which I was able to gather some ideas, that when applied, revolutionized my classroom.  It was a HUGE benefit to me to have outside advice. (and it was FREE!)

All that said, here is a thought. What about a virtual consultation? There have
been multiple times I have sent a tweet or an email to someone to ask a question.
And I have learned a lot from people I don’t even know. Am I saying I have all the
answers? Nope. Do I think it could help you where you are. Sure.  Do I think we could both learn something. Absolutely!

I have two questions to ask. Whether you post a reply or send an email doesn’t
matter. While I feel we both could benefit from conversation, even if we never communicate
these two questions can help you, no matter what your situation.

You may be a teacher, a volunteer, a pastor, or a parent. You might be in a classroom, large group, or small group.  You may be talking about ministry, public school, private school, home school, or family time.  It doesn’t matter.  This can help.

Question #1
What is a strength of your ministry, classroom, family?

Question #2
What is a weakness of your ministry, classroom, family?
Simple as that, these two questions can start you down the road to improvement,
which is a path we should all be walking down. Identify a strength and see what you
can do to make that strength stronger. Once you identify a weakness, you now have
two things to work on. You will be taking 2 huge steps to improvement.

So what do you think? I know you are thinking of a strength and a weakness already.  Care to share?Are you at a place that a fresh set of eyes might do you some good? Post a comment,
send an email or send a tweet. I’ll take a few steps with you down your path toward
improvement if you would allow me. I look forward to hearing from you.


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