Samson: Silence is golden

Judges 16

Samson was faced with a choice.  He alone knew the secret of his strength.  Delilah begged him to tell her.  She had an agreement with the Philistine rulers that they would pay her eleven hundred shekels of silver if she could find out his secret.

She put on her slick charm and attempted to learn what he had never told anyone.  It was probably a difficult situation for him, since she said all the right things.  Basically she said “I am your wife, if you love me you won’t keep anything from me”.  So, not knowing why she wanted to know so bad, Samson made up an explanation for his strength.  As soon as he was asleep, she turned him over to the Philistine army, who attempted to take him captive.  He easily overpowered them.  At that point, he should have been aware of her intentions.  She again tried to gain access to his secret.  He again made up a story, and again was attacked.  Samson should have remained quiet.  He would have done well to listen to the old saying “Silence is golden” .  I think Samson may have become overconfident and forgot where his strength came from.  After several previous success stories (killing a lion with his hands, defeating 30 men, then 1000 men by himself) he may have become overconfident thinking he himself was the source of his strength.  When you forget where your strength comes from there is a very real danger of losing that very source of strength.  Samson found that out the hard way.

Can you relate to Samson at all? Are you overconfident? Where does your strength come from?

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