Samson: The secret of his strength

The Spirit was the Secret to his Strength.

Judges 15:4 “The Spirit of the lord came on him”

When Samson was in a difficult situation, the “Spirit of the Lord” came upon him.  He was strengthened and able to overcome incredible odds.  He squared off with a lion and ripped it apart.  He faced 32 men at one time and was victorious.  If that wasn’t enough, 1000 men came against him, and with the jawbone of a donkey struck them down.  All 3 times he was in a situation that was larger than himself.  It was only with God’s help that he made it through on top.  Take a look around.  Are you in a situation that is larger than you are?  Does it seem like you can’t do it on your own?  First off, remember you can’t do it alone.  Second, remember you are often right where God wants you to be.  When everything around looks hopeless, God steps in and the impossible becomes possible.  The Spirit was the Secret to Samson’s Strength.  The Spirit is the source of my strength.  Who is the source of your strength?


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