Vision pt 2 Clarifying your Vision

Clarifying your vision

We lived in North Carolina for a few years, right in the middle of the Great Smokey Mountains.  It is very easy to tell where the name comes from. If you have driven through the Smokey Mountains in the morning, you know as well.  There is so much fog, or ‘smoke’ that it is often difficult to see.  There were times that we were driving interstate 40 near the NC / TN border and could barely see.  I gripped the wheel so tight and was so tense that my fingers cramped.  Especially given that we often saw boulders and rocks that had fallen down the mountain onto the road.

Driving down the road, I knew I was going in the right direction.  I had enough vision to see a little, but I could not see clearly.  Knowing I was going in the right direction was not enough.

Enter Daniel.

Daniel 10:1   1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a revelation was given to Daniel (who was called Belteshazzar). Its message was true and it concerned a great war.[a] The understanding of the message came to him in a vision..

Daniel was trying to get answers.  He chose a fast that lasted 3 weeks  to seek understanding and clarity.  Clarity may not come right away.  It took 3 weeks for Daniel’s answer.  He was told that his request for understanding was heard from day one, but the prince of the Persian kingdom ran interference, and caused delay.

Step one is figuring out what your vision is.  Once you know what your vision is, and you are heading in the right directions, then you can decide how and when to clarify your vision.  There may be times that your vision seems cloudy, or you may not see things as clearly as you once did.   There may come a time you don’t understand what is going on, or a time you cannot see as far in front of you as you want.  You vision can be clarified.  Daniel set out to gain clarification, and received clarification.  It did take effort. It did take time.  But clarification did come.

How is your vision?  Are you headed the right direction but things are a little ‘smoky’?  Are you seeking understanding?  What are you doing to gain clarification?   Leave a comment and let me know.


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