What is Worship?

How would you define worship? How do you convey that to the kids you work with? For me worship is a time spent concentrating on God and his greatness, often with music. Worship takes many different forms. You can stand while you worship or you can walk or kneel. You can sing when you worship, play instruments, or be silent during worship. The focus is on God, not necessarily what you do or how you do it.

One thing that makes me very proud is when our kids worship. You can look around the room and see that even at a young age, they understand how to worship. My daughter is 6 years old, and when it is time to worship and concentrate on God she closes her eyes, raises her hands, and sings. Looking around the room at the other kids some have eyes open, some have their eyes closed. Some sway back and forth, some stand still, and yet other walk back and forth. The thing they have learned is that there is not a formula for worship: you have to do x,y and z in order for it to be worship. They know that how they worship is not important. The important thing is that they worship.

What are your thoughts on worship? How do you teach people/kids to worship?


2 Responses

  1. Great post, Ron. We must teach kids that worship is important and it is our way to show God how much we really think he is worth (worship = worth-ship).

    I also think it is important for us to lead out and be an example!

  2. Thanks….I think that teaching by example is a great way to teach worship. It is one thing to use words, but we all know that kids (and adults) tend to imitate what they see being done. The more we enter into worship, the better chance those around us will enter into worship as well.

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